When conventional thinking has failed, creativity offers you new perspectives and innovative solutions. It has the power to break down life’s complexities and translate them to intuitively accessible truths. It requires a combination of curiosity, inventiveness, passion, persistence, flexibility, and spunk. Creativity is the grey area between perception and reality. The fine line between thinking and doing. And creativity is the way I contribute to the world.
Since I started my career in advertising more than 13 years ago I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with creatives and clients that helped me shape my vision, hone my skills and always keep an open mind. The constant exchange with like-minded (and not like-minded) people has a strong impact on my creative thinking. It has helped me shape and strengthen numerous global brands as well as build and accelerate local brands and start-ups.
Creativity is a force you can’t explain – but it can produce measurable, stunning, and successful results. My portfolio provides a small collection of my creative work. I hope you enjoy it.
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